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Deacon’s Lodge Golf Course

Deacon’s Lodge is an Arnold Palmer Signature Course located in Breezy Point, Minnesota. Breezy Point Resort acquired the course a few years ago and it is now the crown jewel of the Breezy Point Resort offerings. The course, named in honor of Arnold Palmer’s father, “Deacon”, is located just north of the popular Brainerd, MN area.

The word best used to describe my first visit to Deacon’s Lodge was BREATHTAKING. Deacon’s has all the terrific features of its Brainerd neighbors, but adds an amazing array of layouts that will keep you in awe. Some of the slopes involved in the fairways are mind-boggling, like something you might find on Mars.  And some of the green complexes fall into the “I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything quite like this” category.

I would absolutely put Deacon’s Lodge in the “must-play” category for any golf looking for the best possible golf experiences. My only sincere recommendation is to invest in a nice Deacon’s Lodge yardage book as your rangefinder just isn’t quite enough on some of the tee shots. Understanding the course and what is required of you certainly helps for that first round out. But no matter what, you will be left with a very memorable day and be quite impressed by the facility!

(414) 499-8607

(414) 499-8607

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