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Brainerd, Minnesota is a very unique area when it comes to golf destinations. With four full-service resorts all in the same general area, Brainerd can be a golf-lover’s dream come true. Finding your way to Cragun’s Resort to play their two championship courses should be on everyone’s bucket list. Dutch’s Legacy is the more traditional of the two courses, while Bobby’s Legacy boasts a number of unique hole designs. Both courses are a blast and keep you guessing around every corner.

Of all the courses in the Brainerd area, having carts with GPS to enjoy the two championship layouts at Cragun’s is a true benefit (some might call it a MUST). Understanding exactly what your options are on many holes is half the battle. The best example of this is the par-4 14th hole on Dutch’s Legacy. You are greeted on the tee by a sign telling you there are two greens you can play to. I hit a decent drive and my options were a nice simple 8-iron to the left green standing right in front of me OR a nice full hybrid to the green to my right with a full carry over a large marsh. I will “take the 5th” on which green I decided to play to.

Spending an entire day playing the golf courses at Cragun’s is a must for any group looking to experience the best that the state has to offer. I found the staff incredibly accommodating and the clubhouse is terrific. Huge indoor area, huge outdoor patio, great food and a great spot to watch shots coming into the par-3 9th hole on Bobby’s Legacy, probably the most photographed hole on the property.

Dutch’s Legacy
Bobby’s Legacy

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