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Combining the top public golf courses and resorts across Minnesota
Working with all of the courses listed in Golf Digest’s Top 100 U.S. Public Golf Courses
#35 – Quarry at Giants Ridge
#62 – The Classic at Madden’s
Troy Burne
#69 – The Wilderness at Fortune Bay
The goal of is to take everything into account and recommend the best overall package for your group. Whether you want to focus in one area or make a full tour of what the state has to offer, let us give you the best options. For transportation, rent your own vehicles or let us show you how to not touch a steering wheel! And if you are looking to do more than just golf, we can offer other activities as well!




“I’d highly encourage you and your buddies to contact Jason and work with him to plan your next golf adventure. I’ve had the great pleasure of sharing such golf adventures with Jason for many years and many trips with literally bus loads full of golfers under his watch and care. The way he identifies, organizes and executes the scores of details for each trip is absolutely seamless and flawless. It’s really a no-brainer. Hire Jason. Let him do the work; so you and your buddies can golf and have fun. You won’t regret it!”

Kai Kuwata

Pasadena, CA

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(414) 499-8607

(414) 499-8607

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